Relationship Matters – Customer is Key

Larry Napoli of Carisbrook Collision Repair Centre and Travis Rainsford, Parts Manager of Hamilton Holden have very different jobs.

Larry is a collision repairer and business owner. Everyday he uses the technical skills which he has developed over many years to repair vehicles back to their pre-accident condition. He welds and cuts panels, follows detailed OEM repair instructions, and on top of all that must be familiar with the features in hundreds of vehicles which are present on Australian roads.

Travis, on the other hand, spends his day at Hamilton Holden marketing and selling parts to the trade, managing the supply of parts, developing warehouse optimisation, and analysing data and finances.

However, one force which drives both parties to strive for their best is the end customer – the Holden vehicle owner

From the moment that a vehicle enters the Carisbrook Collision Repair Centre, Larry ensures that each customer becomes a top priority.

Larry’s mentality is to keep the vehicle owner 100% satisfied with the whole process from the moment they bring their car in for a quote right up to handing the vehicle back. Carisbrook prides themselves on keeping the customer informed of every part of the process and will always offer feedback as to how repairs are going.

Larry says: “It’s more than communication. It’s about the complete customer service package. Our workers
are extremely well presented and presentation on the premises is outstanding. We go over and above in our customer service and repair standards and this results in extremely satisfied clientele.”

Travis adds in that the office and lounges at Carisbrook have been refurbished to ensure the best customer experience is achieved. It is these small things which add value to a customer’s experience.

Similarly, Travis always keeps the customer in mind not only when undertaking his daily operations but also when considering strategic goals and changes.

Travis tells us: “I try to drive this mentality into my team – to always keep the customer at the front of our minds. Ultimately, even though it is Larry and I doing business, it is someone else, the vehicle owner, who will benefit from our effective and efficient business dealings. Equally, if we order or deliver an incorrect part, then it is also the vehicle owner who will suffer.”

For the team at Hamilton Holden, the customer service doesn’t stop at the end user customer. Ensuring that Carisbrook is completely content with the service offered by Hamilton is also one of Travis’ top priorities.

“Open dialogue between myself and Larry is extremely important. It ensures a quick turnaround if a problem arises. Larry is a great source for general industry knowledge, and he will always keep me informed of any movements.” Travis says.

Larry explains that the team at Hamilton Holden are extremely knowledgeable. They have extensive experience which assists immensely throughout all areas of the process from quoting right through to delivery. Larry also expands that the stock holding at Hamilton is very good, so he never has to wait too long for a part and consequently neither do the vehicle owners.

It is not only Travis that has an effective business relationship with the team at Carisbrook. The successful relationship is also thanks to Hamilton Holden parts rep; Pepi Ranieri. Pepi and Larry have known each other long before he started working at Hamilton Holden. Whether Larry needs to contact Pepi through email, fax or a phone call, he will always be there to deliver the best service possible.

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