Health and Safety

The overriding priority of Carisbrook Collision is protecting the health and safety of all its employees, service providers, customers and visitors. Consistent with this, Carisbrook Collison complies with all applicable Health and Safety laws and regulations. This is led and supported by management.

Our Equipment 

Paint and Painting Equipment:  Carisbrook Collision use the latest technology Water Base paint products, as water based paints are safer for the environment and more workplace friendly. New specially designed and custom built spray booths and low bake ovens reduce solvent emissions into the workplace and the atmosphere. Carisbrook Collision complies with the latest EPA standards.

The Environment

Environmentally Friendly Car Wash:  When it comes to cleaning, Carisbrook Collision has a modern and environmentally friendly process. The water used in the wash bays goes into a separation tank to remove any oil or solvents, protecting our waterways. Recycling: Carisbrook Collision recycles all waste materials including paper, cardboard, oils, tyres and metals.

Carisbrook Collision has recently been awarded Green Stamp Environmental Accreditation by implementing strict, environmentally friendly procedures.

Our Community 

Carisbrook Collision Repair Centre is passionate about supporting the local community.

We are proud supporters of the

Central Districts Football Club

Salisbury Football Club, and the Cancer Council

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