Spray Painting


Spray Painting

We Thrive on the Finished Product!

Our team of spray painters love a good before-after photo. Why? Because we take such great pride in the outcome of our work.

We use an industry-leading auto body paint product on all of our vehicles for 2 reasons:

  1. The results are undeniable: paintwork sparkling like brand new
  2. Environmental footprint: leading the way with waterborne paints

The Difference with Waterbase Paints

Opposed to the traditional solvent based, waterbase paints are water-based (meaning they have less impact on the environment).

Axalta has felt a sense of responsibility and created a waterborne product system that not only meets the requirements of nature, but also those of today’s refinisher.

Ready-to-use conventional paint consists of 3 main ingredients:

  • Pigments which gives the paint its colour
  • Binding agents which determine the properties of the paint
  • Solvent which keeps the paint liquid so that it can be sprayed. Conventional base-coat has a solvent content of around 85%.

By comparison, waterborne paint consists mostly of water instead of solvent. The solvent content of a ready-to-spray waterborne paint can be reduced by approx 90%.

It goes without saying that the waterborne paint still has to satisfy all the demands made on conventional base coat, these being easy applications, simple spraying and, colour accuracy.

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